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A Fanzine about the subtropical subculture on Java, Indonesia.
By Matthias Willi & Olivier Joliat

Soft cover booklet with many photographs and reportages,  cd-sampler with Indonesian punk music and a handmade bag by PYRATEPUNX, Bandung, Indonesia

With almost 250 million people, Indonesia is not only the most populous Muslim country in the world, but also has one of the world’s largest underground punk scenes. In the Western media, however, this is only noticed when, as in the province of Aceh, punks are forcibly shorn and sent to educational camps.

At the annual Libertad Festival on a tiny island in the Java Sea, the punks loudly give the finger to a political system in which human rights violations, corruption and censorship are omnipresent despite a democratically elected president. They are protesting against a state in which the inequality rate between rich and poor continues to grow, although it is already one of the highest in Asia. In order to be able to hold concerts as undisturbed as possible, the police have to be bribed, and even the correct name of the island is never communicated publicly. The punks call their island Pulau Racun – Poison Island.